Keep Your Bases Covered

Keep Your Bases Covered

Make sure your home can survive the South Florida weather

Planning to make offer on an older home in Loxahatchee, FL or the surrounding areas? Before you seal the deal, it’s important to complete a 4-point inspection. Not only will this inspection give you a better understanding of the condition of the home, it is required by insurance companies in South Florida to address parts of your home that may become a liability in the event of a hurricane.

Davis Home Inspectors offers 4-point inspection services to evaluate the areas of your home that may need to be upgraded to survive hurricanes and other severe weather events.

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Parts of a 4-point inspection

  1. Roof - We'll assess the age of the roof and determine how many useful years it has left
  2. Heating and cooling - We'll assess the functionality of your HVAC system, which could qualify you for a lower insurance rate
  3. Electrical - We'll determine if your system is safe and up to date
  4. Plumbing - We'll search for inefficiencies, leaks and potential defects

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